Our success as an enterprise depends on our client’s success. It is therefore our objective to develop lasting cordial relationships with clients by being their “partner in success” by meeting or exceeding their expectations while maintaining a motivated workforce and contributing to society.


While much attention has been placed on the degradation of the natural environment, we concentrate on the improvement of the indoor environment. Contrary to popular belief, the indoor environment is generally worse than the outdoors. This is evidenced by the “sick building syndrome”, indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns and other indoor environment related problems.

Since we spend over 90% of our time indoors as we live, work, shop, and play, the indoor environment determines and influences our comfort, health, productivity, and disposition.

Therefore, as building design professionals, we feel that we can never put too much effort, attention and dedication to getting it done right!


  • “Quality Engineering before profit”,
  • Understand & satisfy the client’s needs, priorities & goals,
  • Use Best Available Technologies (BAT),
  • Use proven methods & processes (Best Practices),
  • Provide quality, timely, practical & effective solutions,
  • Employ skilled, competent & motivated workforce,
  • Take extra ordinary steps for extra ordinary needs,
  • Be pleasant, resourceful & dependable team players,
  • Be open to other ideas, solutions & processes,
  • Be honest, just and fair.